Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 6, Episode 13 “Rash Decisions” (C+)

This was an innocuous episode, one that was perfectly harmless but also not at all funny. Jay having to give up Stella just emphasized a part of him that doesn’t particularly entertain me, which is his obsession with his dog and his inability to recognize that he values Stella over members of his family, as evidenced by his declaration that he wouldn’t want to be away from Joe for a few days since he presumed that Stella would be the one to stay. Manny’s supposed allergy to dogs also fell on deaf ears once it was revealed that it was Gloria’s face cream causing the rash, which is nothing new. Phil favoring Andy over Luke didn’t do anything at all for me, and I really wish that Luke would be dumber again since he’s much more entertaining when he’s actually dim-witted. Alex acting like Haley to win over a college interviewer was a surprise and not one that I bought. I was pleased to see Aya Cash of “You’re the Worst” guest-starring as the interviewer, but reading on EW that she was cast because of her role in the raunchy show that will return to FXX later this year is a letdown since this was hardly the proper showcase for her. Mitchell trying not to be like he usually is while working with Claire was predictably short-sighted and short-lived, and I think the only positive outcome is that Claire seemed merely ignorant and not totally oppressive and unfriendly as a boss.

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