Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 4, Episode 6 “Trust Me, I’m Getting Plenty of Erections” (B+)

Who would have thought that the news that our pod earned themselves $9.2 million would be accompanied with such little fanfare and a shot of Marty lingering outside Jeannie’s ultrasound appointment which he emotionlessly dismissed when she asked him to come with her. Doug’s excitement is relegated to the unheard end of a phone call to Marty, while Jeannie learns the news when she’s busy looking at her phone instead of at the image of the baby that she’s going to give birth to very soon. Marty’s ambivalence towards his forthcoming child is causing serious problems at home, as Malcolm judges him for not being involved and it’s hard for him to be seen as a fitting parent for Roscoe. Chastising his son for not going to school doesn’t have the effect it should when he’s more of an irresponsible absentee friend than a father. Jeannie got a big surprise in this episode with a job offer presented casually by Kelsey to come manage the people she hates so much and serve as their CFO. It would actually be a good fit for her, though I think she thrives on moving from person to person, sucking the life out of those she doesn’t deem worthy of respect, and a stable job set in one place might make that difficult. The most stirring thing about it, however, was Clyde’s reaction to her leaving. Doug’s response, to try to talk to Marty to get him to reconsider, was unsurprising and naïve, but Clyde showed genuine emotion for someone about whom he’s never really had a kind word to say.

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