Monday, February 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Babylon

Babylon: Season 1, Episode 5 (A-)

This episode changed the game in so many ways, driving forward the specific plot and this show’s characters while also addressing the overall themes of a complicated working police force. Liz was all about making her play, deciding to back a different horse and push Sharon to be the new Commissioner over Charles and undermining Finn and his operation at every turn. I love all of Liz’s over-the-top references, and she definitely knows what she’s doing. Sharon, to her credit, does too, explaining the realities of being behind a different desk and then coming up with a great idea with the cell phones during her press conference. Finn might know exactly what Liz is up to but that doesn’t mean he can do anything about it. Finding the boy too late was a sad ending that should cause a serious dent in Liz’s current campaign since she only knows how to win, and losing something like this is just devastating. The inquiry into the shooting didn’t go particularly well, and I’m surprised about who broke and revealed that Warwick was never actually there. The most damaging thing was Robbie’s insanely stupid decision to confess the fact that he moved the gun to a journalist, who just happened to be recording that particular revelation. On a lighter note, it’s pretty amusing to see a cop hired to guard a furniture store sale take that opportunity to purchase a couch for himself, a definitive moment of this show’s bizarre but effective comedy-drama hybrid.

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