Friday, February 6, 2015

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 4, Episode 13 “M.I.A.” (B-)

There’s something that feels pointless about searching for Shaw when we know that our main characters won’t find her, though the final scene of the episode does manage to turn that on its head considerably. Root in particular is ready to rip the world apart to find Shaw, and the way that this team is operating is not particularly smart given how reckless they’re being and how close they’re coming to being exposed. The latest ruse by Samaritan, to create an idyllic town and then blow it up with problems, was less interesting than some of its previous schemes, though it is continually interesting to see the people it picks as pawns. Thompson was an all too willing participant in something she knew was wrong, and while I’m not sure she deserved a firm drilling to the hand, she definitely isn’t innocent. Finding a woman who wasn’t Shaw was devastating, but our brief glimpse of Shaw sitting in the same room as Greer was a nice surprise. I thought that we had seen the last of her, and I’m glad to see she’s still around, though I’m still hoping there’s a way that she’ll disappear for a while and then come back after Shahi’s real-life maternity leave. Shaw’s presumed exit was pretty epic, and I can only hope that keeping her around means an even more exciting sendoff. Fusco making a friend in Dani was nice since he’s always the punching bag of this team, and here he got to make a difference and be a good person.

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