Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 14 “The Female of the Species” (B)

I think I neglected to mention in my review last week anything about Andrew apparently being poisoned. I was very surprised to learn that it wasn’t just an ill-fated attempt on his life, but instead an actual assassination that led to his death just as Watson was breaking up with him. I like that Watson knew right away that it was Gina Gershon’s Elana March who was responsible for hiring someone to try to kill Watson, which inadvertently ended up killing Andrew, but, once again, all that intrigue was rushed through in just one episode. I am much more enticed, however, by why this particular plotline is closed since it was Moriarty who, taking an interest in Watson’s life, took Elana out to make sure that she could control the endgame with Watson and by extension Sherlock. I’m eager to see her return, especially since that’s not something I was expecting at all. It was fun to see Sherlock try to team up with Detective Bell, who he refused to call by his first name, while he was off, presenting yet another guest who woke up to a startling alarm after falling asleep on his couch. It does seem strange that this show continues to opt for excessively ambitious and dramatic plotlines like the resurrection of an extinct species by a thieving zebra breeder. Sherlock’s English pronunciation of “zebras” was thoroughly irritating, adding to the unnecessary fanciness this particular plotline entailed. What happened to good old-fashioned creative murders of humans by humans?

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