Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 3, Episode 4 (B+)

This episode started with people waking up in bed with each other, and it turns out that the romances begun at the end of last week’s episode may not be ill-fated after all. There is something so different about Carol’s relationship with Helen than her previous subservient office trysts, mainly that her latest boss wants to spend time with her outside of work and seems to enjoy her company while they’re not having sex. Helen joining Carol and Beverly for their morning walk was great, and I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm they displayed about sharing the same water bottle. I also love that Andy and Myra immediately knew that something was going on between them while Myra’s mystery pregnancy still remains entirely unexplained. There’s something about the way that Matt says “It’s so great to sleep with your wife” that just makes the line on paper infinitely funnier as spoken aloud. His naïve reaction to Sean’s belief that he was talking about Beverly was terrific, and I love that it’s something that’s occasionally discussed in truly awkward fashion on the show. I don’t see Matt and Diane working out, especially once she finds out about his financial hole, but it is sweet to see them both happy together for now. I’m hopeful that Sean’s old partner who so desperately seeks to get in on the ground floor of their new show proves a promising and positive new addition to the dynamic and not just another reason for Sean and Beverly to hate America and everything Los Angeles symbolizes.

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