Thursday, February 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 4, Episode 5 (B+)

This episode was all about managing relationships that just aren’t working, and it was very funny on all three fronts. It’s clear that Tim is definitely going to be a thorn in Sean and Beverly’s side, and the determination with which he emphasized his involvement in the project before Beverly came on board was cringe-worthy more and more every time he said it. Kudos to Sean for sticking up for his wife and his project and suggesting that he bow out creatively and sit back while he earns profits from a show that everyone fully expects to be lucrative. Putting Merc into the equation with Helen and Carol wasn’t the least bit helpful for their young romance, particularly because, for once, it wasn’t Carol who said the wrong thing, but rather Helen when she offhandedly judged anyone who would be associated with sleeping with Merc, prompting a rightfully angry reaction from an offended Carol. I love that Morning suggested a sex tape with Matt as a way to make money and that she spent the whole episode trying to convince him via VHS tape that they had in fact already made one that he couldn’t possibly be bothered to remember. Matt’s invitation to a dictator’s party was a hilarious plotline, and the best part was the surprise cameo from a “Friends” costar that was absolutely perfect in its brevity and effectiveness: David Schwimmer as another dictatorial guest who got paid twice as much as Matt to be there. They did shoot his driver, so Matt didn’t lose out on all fronts.

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