Monday, February 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 6, Episode 5 “Sounding” (B+)

I like that, in preparation for the signing off of this show at the end of the season, we’re getting the opportunity to see some of our favorite familiar faces along the way. Ava is running scared, scrambling to figure out how she can get out of her current situation, failing each time to remember the insular, interconnected nature of Harlan and its surrounding areas. It was a great chance to see Mykelti Williamson’s Limehouse again, who asked exactly the right questions as soon as he saw Ava, tailoring his recommendations based on whether she was running from the law or from Boyd. Her shovel search with Errol got hilariously interrupted by a character I’d probably rate as this show’s best non-villain, Constable Bob. His eagerness to help Raylan was obvious, though he wasn’t nearly as excited when Raylan casually suggested that he go ask Errol to step outside, a plan that did not go well at all. Raylan showing up just as he got tased made the situation laughable rather than deeply problematic. Ava kissing Raylan is a big move since everything she’s done up until this point had nothing romantic involved, and I feel like Boyd will be able to notice that more than anything else. Choo-Choo’s starter tap was a bit overenthusiastic, and Rachel and Tim are much closer to monitoring everyone’s criminal activities than they seem to be aware. It’s good to see Jeff Fahey, a dependable actor from “Lost” and other projects, as Zachariah Randolph, yet another person in Harlan with complicated feelings towards Boyd.

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