Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 1, Episode 11 “The Sound and the Fury” (B)

This episode actually brought up something interesting that we hadn’t quite seen yet, but it wasn’t as terrific as some of the hours up until now have been. Seeing someone who worked with Dr. Wells and Caitlin and Cisco up until the fateful night that the Flash was born and who wasn’t made totally uncommunicable by his transformation is most worrisome because he knows the intricacies of their team and would probably be able to figure out Barry’s identity pretty easily. He did of course look pretty silly wearing his hood and walking around like a corny villain, but it’s clear that his power is formidable and he knows just what gets under Wells’ skin. He also had an over-the-top moment of omniscience where he switched languages three times in the span of a minute to converse privately with each member of his team, which almost said more about each of them than it did about him, though it clearly indicates that he is an intellectual. Dropping the news that he knows what happened to Robbie and how he can be saved to Cisco is a game-changer, and I suspect that Cisco will be reluctant to trust him but just as unwilling to let the opportunity pass by without giving it a shot. Joe looking into Wells is going to cause more problems since he’s close to Barry and we know that Wells knows much more than he’s letting on. Iris has put herself in a dangerous and surely disappointing position by accepting a job that seems based nearly entirely on the fact that she has a personal relationship with the Flash. The only good news is that she does, and Barry is sure to start making some more visits once she tells him that’s just what she needs.

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