Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I’m Watching: Togetherness

Togetherness: Season 1, Episode 4 “Houston, We Have a Problem” (B+)

I like this show because its scope isn’t too broad, focusing squarely on its primary four characters and not on a much grander universe of any kind. Brett and Michelle’s latest attempt to rejuvenate their sex life failed miserably, but they ultimately managed to have a pretty decent time together in the hotel even if the sex wasn’t what made it worthwhile. Brett understands that he needs to spice things up, and taking the step to get a hotel room as a spontaneous surprise should have done the trick. Yet he missed the part about her wanting something different, most crucially evidenced by his unfortunate use of the pillow to make Michelle all too comfortable during sex. It was nice to see them cuddle up and watch a movie together before that, and it provides some hope for the future of their relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed a similarly awkward but altogether different sexual tense experience in Texas courtesy of new best buds Alex and Tina. Alex actually managed to have a great time with Tina’s friend and could well have had a terrific night with her had Tina not selfishly intervened to take him home with her. He was clearly upset by her newfound relationship with Larry while she was oblivious, and then she was all about dancing up a storm to compete with him once she saw that he was starting to stir up a romance. Their hug on the couch was sweet, and I’m glad that this friendship is staying just that for the moment.

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