Sunday, May 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: Abby’s

Abby’s: Season 1, Episode 6 “Liquid Courage” (B)

This show may not be the smartest comedy on TV, but it is fun to watch. I liked how offended Bill got about the Irish goodbye, a term that he tried to break down as offensive before using it in a worse way himself, and that he managed to discover what the alternative is and just how exhausting (and time-consuming) the suck-in can be. Bill confronting Fred about thinking that they had become friends was a good and rare instance of him actually successfully standing up for himself, and Fred’s gesture of restarting their interrupted conversation only to see it fizzle out immediately was sweet and hilarious. James really does have an ability to come up with the worst possible outcomes in every situation, and I like that he was able to use that to everyone’s advantage when he nearly messed everything up by finally working up the courage to confront the terrible Richard. I guess someone who’s doing Whole 30 and married his nutritionist is the enemy of everyone at the bar, and I really would have enjoyed Fred having to read his erotic political thriller Gettysburg Undressed. I thought Bill was finally going to come in handy for everyone at the bar and tell Richard he wasn’t going to get away with extorting them, but instead he just wanted to get his goodbye in since he’s so committed to that now. For the moment, all the patrons in this illogically operable bar can remain well after 8:55pm, so all hope is not lost.

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