Saturday, May 11, 2019

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 6 “Chapter Eighty-Seven” (B)

It’s not too pleasant to see Rafael not doing well, though at least he’s trying to take proactive steps to help himself rather than spiraling downward and regressing into addiction. Jane was definitely a bit too pushy with Petra, though she also should have known that telling her to let something go was never going to work. Watching Petra try to act cool in front of JR’s friends was very awkward, but at least she managed to have a great time with Jane trying to lighten up before Leona confirmed just how little she trusted her. That relationship seems to be the most solid compared to the others, which is troubling, but that’s just where things are right now. Xiomara losing her sex drive didn’t cause nearly as much strife as it could have for the usually selfish Rogelio, and they seem to be getting through it together. Alba getting that passionate kiss from Jorge so that he could alert her to the presence of the surprise immigration visit was the last straw, and good for her for speaking her mind even though it didn’t result in him expressing the same feelings. Her enthusiasm for vibrators was an unexpected subplot, and it was nice to see the Villanueva women crying and then laughing together. Michael remembering what he saw the day Rose shot him was helpful but not overly productive, and now we’re going to be treated to what will surely be a wild and transformative trip to Montana to get to know the parts of Michael that are still Jason.

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