Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 4, Episode 8 “Fight Night” (B-)

I wasn’t sure why Mafee and Dollar Bill yelling at each other was featured so prominently in the recap before the episode since I didn’t actually think they’d be fighting each other. They definitely do not strike me as an appropriate physical match-up, and it turns out that, after a good deal of prep on both their parts, the fight petered out and managed to disappoint everyone except for the one person who smartly bet on it to end as a draw. What was far more enticing was Taylor and Axe going after each other in a public forum, with Taylor first calling Axe a dinosaur on TV and then him getting very heated and swearing at them on the air when they called in to combat his assertions. This show always likes to acknowledge its twists and surprises, and therefore Axe was more than happy to talk out the scheme he fell prey to that allowed Taylor to score a bigger win than him with the fracking ruling. Wendy’s circumstances are worsening, with the review of her medical license triggered by Sara reporting her throwing everything into jeopardy. Why Chuck thought convincing her not to sell the house would enable him a pass to get back into the bedroom is a mystery, and he should be happy with the unlikely victories he scored in other arenas in this hour. I liked the casting of Saul Rubinek from “Warehouse 13” as Hap, who couldn’t catch a break with the ever-manipulative Chuck, who was at least kind enough to give him a parting gift for being a pawn in his game. Bryan making a move against Chuck Sr.’s lot seemed like an early opportunity to show his hand, but I think he’s trying to get Chuck to panic and do something truly prosecutable.

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