Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 19 “American Dreamer” (B)

One of the reasons this show has worked well in the past is its ideology of hope as possible to defeat evil, particularly at the end of the first season when Supergirl’s message helped to break the spell cast over everyone by her uncle. Realizing that Dreamer is exactly that beacon who the public can relate to because of her alien-human heritage was a positive development, one that will likely help turn the tide of support against Lockwood’s anti-alien agenda in the future even if events have already progressed too far to be undone. Dreamer spewing off lines that included “nighty-night” were moderately cringe-worthy, but at least she’s doing her part to help innocent aliens even if her powers and execution of them leaves something to be desired. It was sweet to watch Brainy as he asked Lena what love feels like, and I’m glad that romance seems imminent since things are a whole are not looking up at the moment. Lena lashing out at Kara because she hasn’t been there while former nemesis Supergirl has been was difficult for Kara to take, but her regaining the relationship with Lena was better than revealing just how much she’s actually been there for her via her secret identity. James has developed some intriguing new abilities, and the notion of him being super-powered without being an alien is actually the most helpful transformation right now. The way that he stopped Lockwood from pursuing Dreamer and continuing to inflict harm upon the journalists in the room was formidable, and he may be just the person to begin chipping away at Lockwood’s resolve.

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