Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 2, Episode 10 “This Land is Your Land” (C+)

I’m getting tired of the way things are playing out on this show, and the sudden introduction of Beth confessing her sins to a support group of addicts makes me wonder how it can possibly go anywhere worthwhile. Beth being out was never going to last, but that’s not entirely her fault, since her fellow moms should never have decided just to purchase prepared goods from the supermarket after she spent hours baking everything. Describing the feeling of nearly being arrested as fun, however, is very much cause for concern, and she won’t be quite as excited about it when she realizes that Turner was able to locate the damning documents that she thought she cleverly hid. It’s true that Annie never thinks anything out as well as Beth does, and she’s just about as reckless. That said, Ruby deciding to just dump everything in the garbage because she got nervous doesn’t consider any of the consequences of that action and on not delivering, something this show seems to willfully forget at every possible turn. Noah showing up at the dealership in a suit to look through everything with Turner seems foolish since Beth could easily recognize him, though Annie for once earns some credit for realizing before someone expressly told her that her new boyfriend has been playing her all along. Let’s hope she finds a way to use that information to her advantage since he should feel very bad about everything he’s done given the quick intimacy of their relationship and the fact that his betrayal is going to hurt Sadie more than anyone.

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