Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 5, Episode 21 “The Girl with the Red Lightning” (B)

I didn’t realize that this was the penultimate episode of the season – I’ll soon have a chance to watch the finale, which aired last night. I’m ready to be done with Cicada just dropping in and then shooting up into the air, and I think this show has more ground it can cover than just one big bad. Inviting metas into CCPD so that they can all get the cure was an interesting plan, and one that seemed to make the usually unflappable Joe go into panic mode. I liked the opportunity to see Irene again, and to see her use her powers when Cicada came after her and Sherloque told her he knew she had abilities. Sending her to a different Earth for her protection was a sweet move, and maybe he’ll travel there with her at the end of the season if he manages to survive. Seeing Barry and Nora run together and Nora get into Cicada’s head with her negative energy was intriguing, and it was once again endlessly frustrating to see Nora disregard the express instructions her parents gave her. I’m more sympathetic to her after she made the argument that she’s an adult and they have to start helping her face it rather than keeping her away from it. The last-minute reveal about Eobard’s true intentions does make things much more exciting – and worrisome – since it shows that the bad guy we’ve been told to trust all season has actually been masterminding a major move that might result in him getting back to a time he wants to be in and taking down some good guys on the way. I’m eager to see what happens in the finale!

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