Thursday, May 2, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 5, Episode 19 “Snow Pack” (B-)

I’m having trouble understanding the current direction of events because of my failure to understand why it is that Nora trusts Eobard so much when the only thing that he’s done to prove himself is be honest with her when no one else would be. Why she so desperately needs to return to the past is also a mystery, especially since there’s nothing that she’ll be able to so easily fix. Added to that, the reason that she failed right away is because she’s not built on darkness the way that the Reverse-Flash is, and the fact that she was able to tap into that is problematic since it’s going to make her more reckless at best and dangerous at worst. Iris and Ralph were crafty about finding a way to go into the future, not that their trip was all too successful or even multipurpose. As is often the case with a season-long arc on this show, there are occasional drop-ins from other characters, like Caitlin’s long-lost parents. Icicle going after his former wife was an interesting development, though I preferred the interactions between Caitlin and her mother, which were, pardon the pun, icy. It tracks that Thomas would find a way to power through and stop Icicle only to be killed moments later by sacrificing his life for that of his daughter. Cicada II picked a perfect time to show up and cause some harm, and so now with just three episodes left, it’s time for this show to get in gear.

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