Thursday, May 9, 2019

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 4, Episode 7 “Infinite Game” (B-)

It’s never felt right for Wendy to be so expressly involved in taking down Taylor since the reason that she’s so good at her job is that she’s able to read people and motivate them to do what she wants. With Taylor, she’s been manipulating them to achieve something for someone else, and now she’s been given a double dose of guilt, first from Taylor, who caught on to her lies during their conversation, and then Mafee, who burst into Axe Cap guns blazing in a way that we’ve never seen him get angry before. I’m glad that Rebecca is in Axe’s life to help point out when he’s going too far, enlightening him about his beloved pizza chef’s actual desires that don’t involve a five-year business extension just because Axe doesn’t want to go elsewhere for pizza. That plotline reminded me a lot of “The Sopranos” and the notion that you can never get out, and while Bruno did get a happy ending, he’s pretty much the only one on this show who will. As she’s facing self-examination for her business decisions, Wendy is pressing on with personal ones, not buying Chuck’s pancake eater story since he always controls what he wants to reveal to anyone. Having the apartment shown without his sign-off is a bold move, and it’s going to prevent Chuck from seeing the next storm brewing as he willingly conspires with his father on a tapped line while keeping his other dealings more secretive. The sight of Jock at the urinal next to Danny was quite humorous, and I wondered for a moment if the actors really are so different in size. Taylor’s father leaving in a huff when Taylor made the proper business decision given the factors was disappointing, but Taylor needs to be as focused as possible at the moment, and the relationship they had with their father never seemed to be particularly positive.

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