Thursday, May 16, 2019

What I’m Watching: Abby’s

Abby’s: Season 1, Episode 7 “Soda Gun” (B+)

NBC announced its primetime schedule for the fall earlier this week, and apparently the fate of this show and a few other freshmen still airing episodes hasn’t been decided yet. I for one am enjoying this show even if it’s hardly the best comedy on the air, and I’d be happy to see it return, especially since the last time Natalie Morales had a sitcom I enjoyed, “The Grinder” got cancelled after just one season. This installment was fun since the crew at the bar rallied to figure out how to make Fred happy after Bill bringing in a real handyman to fix the soda spout got him feeling useless and unwanted. I like that Rosie has a checklist prepared of the possible things Fred could be mad about, including categories where nature, man, and Fred himself are the causes of distress. James was eager to let Fred win at dominoes through he’s apparently never actually beat him, yet another one of his very selectively useful skills. Abby going into Fred’s smoky car to talk directly to him and thank him for the burrito he brought her was an endearing moment, far more effective than their misguided attempt to give him the prized token. My favorite part of the episode was Bill trying to get into the spirit of the token cult even as he realized how patently absurd it was, knowing the type of behavior he needs to model if he’s ever going to move up from the position of favorite punching bag for everyone else at the bar.

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