Saturday, May 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 4, Episode 9 “American Champion” (B-)

After an episode of direct confrontation between Axe and Taylor, we’re back to subtler, more devious interactions as they each try to up their game and make the latest chess move. Ben Kim bringing up the fund caused a whole lot of problems at Axe Cap, and choosing Ari to be their spokesperson felt like a very bad idea. Naturally, it was all a big scheme perpetrated by Taylor so that Axe would be off his game and distracted as Taylor attempted to poach Bonnie. That wouldn’t have been a good move, in my mind, and so instead Bonnie got to prove her allegiance to Axe and then start getting it on with Dollar Bill, creating a rather formidable and scary power couple. Lauren did an exceptional job setting Taylor up for success by arranging a meeting at Kellogg’s, and she was rewarded with a positive reaction to the move she made on Taylor, which really is better kept secret from Sara, who likely wouldn’t be pleased with the close attachment her boss is developing for one of her employees. Taylor lost this round to Rebecca, and I do wish that they were both on the side since Taylor is clearly a better person than Axe. Wendy asking Chuck to scorch earth to make sure that she doesn’t lose her medical license was an understandable request, and he did appear to be trying as much as possible without risking adverse consequences for his wife. Things don’t look good for them, but they’re not out of this fight just yet.

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