Thursday, May 9, 2019

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 7, Episode 5 “Super Tuesday” (B)

We’re almost at the end now, with just two episodes, one of which has already aired, to go! I’m still not finding this season to be as terrific as past years have been, but there are is some humorous material to be found. Keith Quinn is proving his salt as the official Chinese source, which of course everyone else on the team suspected someone else was, and their impact is being seen very directly. Leave it to Selina to make up an illegal immigrant named Rosa that she could reference all the time and then actually get a poor woman identified and caught. Lines like “I can’t have people thinking I’m Jewish right in the middle of the primary” make it clear that this is indeed a two-woman race to see who is less offensive to the American people. Selina and Andrew may have different backgrounds but they’re not all that different, and she was barely even fazed by his untimely demise in the boat that she accidentally ordered. Dan serving as the new chief of staff for Richard didn’t help too much as Richard managed to say exactly what he wasn’t supposed to and get everyone above him arrested. His political ascension has been very swift, and he may just be the best candidate for the top job in the end, utterly unqualified but totally honest. Jonah finding his birth certificate wasn’t news for his apparent Canadian nationality, which is probably problematic, but instead for the confirmation that he still doesn’t comprehend that Lloyd is his real dad, meaning that his wife is indeed his half-sister and the baby she’s going to have has more than a few family members in common on both sides. And somehow that still won’t be a problem for him since he’ll find a way to turn it into a chant for the crowd to cheer.

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