Sunday, May 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: iZombie (Season Premiere)

iZombie: Season 5, Episode 1 “Thug Death” (B)

What an unceremonious final premiere for this show, which will air well into the summer for some unknown reason along with another departing CW show, “Jane the Virgin.” I’m happy to have it back for one last round at least, and, like the seasons before it, it’s a whole new show at this point. Things have gotten pretty bad in Seattle, and I liked how Peyton had to appear on Johnny Frost’s show opposite Dolly, who was spouting comparisons between zombies and humans to humans and T-bones. Clive’s assignment from Dale to find salted caramel dark chocolate was nearly as difficult as keeping the peace on Seattle’s streets, and it was sad to watch Major identify a likely threat with the van too late to stop it from exploding and killing a number of innocent zombies. He has a tough job having to deal with someone like Blaine, who understands his role in helping Seattle to stay balanced but also is more inclined to his mercenary, murderous ways with the border agents, not all of who were happy to give it following his threats. I honestly couldn’t remember anything about whoever it was that made Ravi act the way he did this whole episode, though it was fun to see him trying not one bit to control his behavior while Liv got to act serious and put on her Renegade hat. I’m not sure if a human was indeed killed by a zombie, but it looks like that investigation is about to go down a dark path.

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