Thursday, May 2, 2019

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 4, Episode 3 “The Deaf Leading the Blind Leading the Stupid” (B)

I guess being in the suburbs with nowhere else to go really shines a light on just how intense Emma is, and also demonstrates the reserved popularity she receives from others. Being elected president of their club showed that she needed validation of some sort and a function even if it’s not official, but she didn’t realize that her parade of compliments for each of her constituents actually included not-so-veiled insults about how she initially perceived them. As she might anywhere else, she’s found a nemesis more formidable than her parroting neighbor in the form of the woman from the homeowners’ association who has her sights set on taking her down just for the hell of it, which does seem like just the kind of thing that Emma would do if she felt wronged or challenged by someone else. Jack and Izzy’s attempts to spice things up backfired spectacularly, and Emma seemed very angry to come home to find them taking a nap using gear that was supposed to serve a far spicier purpose. Izzy’s school move also didn’t play out as expected, though she should have known that her new star pupil wouldn’t make things easy for her. Izzy is having more success at getting Nathan to loosen up, while his suburbification project is proceeding along moderately well. Something in Nina snapped when she realized that Shaun had the power in the relationship, and it’s not going to be pretty to watch her demand that back. Carmen nearly let out her rage at Dave, but he had to choose just that moment to rub another absurd luxury in her face, which won’t end well for him.

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