Friday, May 3, 2019

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 1, Episode 11 “Frances Patrol” (B+)

On a show where nearly everything isn’t real, it caught me off guard that these manipulated memories weren’t actually Larry going on a journey of self-exploration thanks to the spirit. The idea that John was close to death and pondering his own regrets and the spirit connected them was heartwarming, and maybe that will help Larry realize that he was able to connect at the very last moment to create some closure. He hasn’t really been participating much in anything with the rest of the team, so now he’ll need to join them as they searched for the abducted Vic, who’s having his own issues with turning into more of a cyborg. Jane calling a meeting didn’t go very well, especially since Cliff summoned Flick to take them to the bar where they were mourning the death of his old friend Bump. I like that Rita tried to coach Cliff on speaking and breathing exercises, which didn’t go so well mainly because he has no lips. Cliff having the chance to extend his hand to his daughter without her knowing who he was both helped and hurt him, and going after that alligator to get the watch back was a noble gesture that will hopefully give her some semblance that there’s someone out there watching out for her. They might meet eventually, but it’s not the time for that. The Chief is still missing, but right now the focus has to be on getting Vic back without putting the rest of this team in danger.

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