Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 4, Episode 6 “Eat Your Strangers and Don't Talk to Vegetables!” (B)

I liked this episode better than the previous one now that the guru isn’t being prominently featured hacking away at the stability of this thruple. The seeds of doubt, however, are there, and the literal gifting of a door from Jack and Emma wasn’t going to make up for that. Izzy and Nathan are still trying to figure out ways to push each other beyond their respective comfort zones, something that isn’t going all too well at the moment. Izzy isn’t nearly as realistic about boundaries and what’s actually possible as the other two partners in her relationship, and now this show is shifting its focus slightly to the younger generations at school. I guess it makes some sense that the sexual orientations and identities of those exploring themselves in high school would be worthy of spotlighting, which in itself presents some complications as people try to be more interesting and diverse than they are in order to appear more attractive. I still don’t find that nearly as enticing as following the main characters, and there’s no way this show could continue without its three protagonists still fully at its center. Lala has made herself new friends and allies in Emma’s next-door neighbors, and the Trakarskys seem to be their primary targets, not that she has nearly as much power as she likes to believe and try to wield. I like that we nearly saw Carmen and Dave together again, though she pulled the typical trick pretending that the signal was cutting out on them.

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