Friday, May 17, 2019

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 2, Episode 6 “I Hope You Like Missionary!” (B+)

I can’t say that I really understand how we’ve gotten to a point where Konstantin and Villanelle are just openly and freely working with everyone from MI-6, but I am finding it to be extremely entertaining. Konstantin eagerly beating eggs and celebrating lots of old friends being in the same house was just the start, and now we have Eve in Villanelle’s ear while she’s out on an operation. Villanelle, for one, is having a blast, giving her “partner” Eve a range of accents to choose from, including the American one she opted for her to use. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Villanelle is completely unpredictable out in the field, even pushing a woman she didn’t like into traffic so that she’d be instantly decapitated by a bus. Apparently Carolyn is more irritated by the idea of breakfast than the notion of one of the people she’s supposed to be handling casually opting to murder someone. Villanelle managed to get close to Aaron remarkably quickly, and he picked up the contradictions in her created character right away. I’ve enjoyed playing Dix-it in the past with my sister, and so it was fun to see that as the real catalyst for him to point out that she was supposed to have these advanced degrees but couldn’t understand the basic rules of a game made to be played by children. Eating her earpiece and then punching him in the nose when he started bullying her was an intense play but one that feels totally like her, and maybe it will manage to get her closer to Aaron than anyone else. While Nico and Eve had an exciting night together, their marriage does seem to be in serious trouble, and Nico is playing right into Villanelle’s hands in distancing himself from his wife.

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