Sunday, May 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 4, Episode 7 “Now Who’s Got Egg in Her Hair?” (B)

Izzy and Nathan’s efforts to push each other out of their comfort zones is definitely leading to some collateral damage, and neither of them are really prepared for the consequences. Gabriel’s last name couldn’t have been any less convenient for him at that time, though his actions were hardly noble. Even if his reputation with everyone else at school has been ruined, he appears to have won over Sasha, not that she’s going to let him tell her what to do or when not to step in to help him out. Gabriel nearly getting expelled was going to be bad news for Izzy and Nathan since they couldn’t possibly own up to their mistake, and Sasha’s evidence of them being somewhere else at the time of the crime was a true saving grace. Izzy was hardly subtle when she showed up at home with egg in her hair, and Jack immediately realized what had happened when he saw Lala cleaning her door. It’s hard to imagine why Jack and Emma are so eagerly playing along with Lala’s security footage screening, but hopefully it’s their way of making peace by throwing Izzy partially under the bus. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come at a bad time when Izzy is already wondering what her developing feelings for Nathan mean. I love that Shaun refused to let Nina tell him not to hum and that he was so oblivious to her efforts to show him that he needed her, resulting in quite the effort to stay in bed all day to avoid her problems.

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