Friday, May 24, 2019

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 2, Episode 7 “Wide Awake” (B+)

It’s pretty mesmerizing to see Villanelle in action being courted by Aaron and letting him do things like order food for her and demand that she sit still. I thought that forcing her to spit out the chocolate she was enjoying would be the last straw, but she managed to keep her cool and has more access to him than anyone else has seemingly ever had. It also appeared that he caught on to her recording their conversations when he was watching her on the screen, but he hasn’t. Villanelle’s performance under pressure may have been commendable, but the sight of Niko waking up to see a suffocated Gemma sitting all wrapped up across from him demonstrates that she’s taking out her urges to kill in a far more destructive and horrific manner. Hugo thanking Eve for the threesome was so on-point, and though Eve didn’t seem to expect the question about whether she and Villanelle have sex, there’s definitely an attraction shared between them. I’m not sure what Villanelle’s aim was in killing Gemma other than to punish Niko for mistreating Eve, but I’d think that she would want to get rid of the competition rather than encourage Niko to run back and warn Eve about the psychopath far too involved in her life. Carolyn and Konstantin are working so closely together that they have to understand what might be happening between their best and most unpredictable assets. I’m curious to see where things go after the upcoming season finale.

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