Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Emmy Nominees: Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

My predictions: 3/6, missing Shaw, Scott Thomas, and Thompson

I really should have watched season two of “Fleabag” already. I loved season one, and I’m a fan of both Fiona Shaw (Fleabag) and Kristen Scott Thomas (Fleabag). I’m looking forward to watching them soon. I’m glad that Emma Thompson (Saturday Night Live), who’s having a great year with “Late Night” and “Years and Years,” got nominated, and it’s no surprise that Sandra Oh (Saturday Night Live) did too. She wasn’t the best performer on her show, but I’m a fan of Maya Rudolph (The Good Place), and I’m fine with Jane Lynch (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) even though she too wasn’t the most memorable element of her show.

Who should win? I’ve only seen two of these, so no comments just yet.
Who will win? I’ll have to watch, but I suspect Oh wins here.

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