Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 5, Episode 11 “Killer Queen” (B+)

With just two episodes left to go, this episode featured another solid performance from Rose McIver as Liv was on drag queen brain, boldly wearing a red dress at the station and amping up the drama in all of the interrogations. The case of the hour wasn’t the most interesting part of the episode, which mainly featured the unfortunate acceleration of Martin’s plan. Being able to talk him down and convince him that maybe this wasn’t the only way to do things was indeed quite a victory, though he was right in his final words to Enzo that this particular moment wasn’t crucial since tensions were going to explode at some point anyway. Enzo taking charge and shooting Martin in the head is probably bad news, even if he’s less resourceful and cunning than Martin, because he’s going to put less thought into his actions and just try to achieve his endgame. Las Vegas would be a worrisome enough location to spread zombiekind even if attendees wouldn’t all head back to other cities after the convention. On a lighter note, I did like that Ravi buttered Major up so that he could be the bait for the mistress of the murdered non-zombie and lead them to the Freylich kids. It’s sad that Darcy didn’t survive to marry Don-E, and let’s hope that Blaine is satisfied with how events turned out and that he’s not going to try to get further revenge on Don-E for his betrayal since his once-loyal number two has become one of the more endearing characters on this show.

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