Thursday, July 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: Perpetual Grace, LTD

Perpetual Grace, LTD: Season 1, Episode 7 “Bull Face” (B+)

Sometimes I don’t even know where this show gets its ideas. DeLoash arriving at Grand Central only to get into the Cash Cab felt completely random and surreal, and of course he didn’t understand what a Kardashian was but managed to bypass the “easy” questions so that he could get each of them right, most notably the last one identifying him and Pa as the youngest killers, and win the most prize money ever. This show has mentioned Lenscrafters a whole lot, but this product placement felt even more prominent, namely because it was actually a part of the plot. Pa is in enough trouble after his three hostages turned out to be much more fortified than he thought, and so DeLoash coming for him will have to wait until he gets back across the border somehow. As usual, the dialogue on this show is rather exquisite, with New Leaf giving a whole long speech to Walker about his past and how he just needed to cut him loose rather than trying to interrogate him anymore. It seems that James encouraging Glenn to give his dad the sombrero wasn’t the best idea since the town drunk just went and told Walker about the gift his son brought him back from his latest trip. Scotty has much more personality than it initially seemed, and she’s just the latest person to insert herself into the con that James and Paul are running, one that’s going to get more complicated with no dead bodies to bring back from Mexico.

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