Saturday, July 6, 2019

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 14 “Chapter Ninety-Five” (B)

This episode featured a handful of developments that are very major in nature, and it’s getting clear that the end is nearing. I had forgotten all about Lina, who left the show rather unceremoniously a while ago, and Diane Guerrero has since made a name for herself on “Orange is the New Black” and in a fantastic role on “Doom Patrol” that makes it evident that she can do much more than this show asks of her. Requesting one of Jane’s eggs set the stage for Jane to go way overboard on asking questions that would make her best friend feel too much pressure, and it’s probably for the best that Lina rescinded request since it would have inevitably led to awkwardness and overstepping on her part. Rafael telling Jane that he didn’t want to have any more kids was sort of brushed under the rug, and I have a feeling that he’ll be the one to change his mind down the road. It was sweet that Rafael went in with the questionnaire filled out to win the minister back after he blew the appointment off, and finding out that Jane went off on him in his defense was very funny. I’m glad that Rafael’s work issues with Petra were swiftly resolved after a bumpy start, but the storm coming in seems to have managed to brought both the miserable return of Magda and a car accident that may prove to have unfortunate consequences for Petra. At least Xiomara got into nursing school, and Rogelio’s health is in decent shape even if his pilot has yet to be picked up despite his best live-streaming efforts.

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