Saturday, July 20, 2019

What I’m Watching: Legion

Legion: Season 3, Episode 4 “Chapter 23” (B)

Now this was one trippy episode that demonstrated just how incredible the vision of the universe is as expressed on this show. I don’t even really know how to break it all down other than to express how mesmerized I was by the disjointed portrayal of time and how each character realized that something was wrong around them. Syd was right to realize that this is how David destroys the world, and that was evident when he was somehow able to set one of the time demons on fire with his mind and scare the rest of them away. The trippiest moment was when a clip from “The Shield” started playing and then jumped forward, which apparently was explained as a way to disorient viewers the same way that all the characters were feeling displaced by what was happening around them. Farouk taking them to a “time between time” was also astonishing, constructed with still photography and giant subtitles in the style this show likes so much. Cary realizing what was going on and bringing Switch with him after rebooting Ptonomy is certainly going to anger David, and he’ll likely stop at nothing to get her back, especially after his reunion with his mother back during World War II. Syd meeting her younger self and trying to switch places was intense, though I’d argue that Lenny endured the most as she watched a life come into the world and then progress so rapidly that she couldn’t possibly keep up with with

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