Thursday, July 11, 2019

Round Two: Years and Years

Years and Years: Season 1, Episode 2 (B)

This show continues to be interesting in its second outing, and it’s definitely presenting a world that’s gone off the rails. When a public official being decapitated by a drone isn’t the most outrageous and horrific moment of the hour, there’s certainly cause for concern. The United States is being portrayed as a truly problematic place, with Pence being elected president and seen merely as a puppet for Trump, who of course at that point would be pushing eighty (not to mention that a Pence presidency would be plenty more conservative than the current administration). Either way, the focus remains across the pond, with the bank bust proving to be devastating for Stephen and Celeste, and angering the masses to the point of the police officers who are supposed to be keeping the peace joining in the chaos. I was excited to recognize Daniel’s ex Ralph from actor Dino Fetscher’s role as Stanley on “Humans,” though his character here was considerably less kindhearted, responding to Daniel reaching out by getting Viktor deported, something that happened very quickly and elicited a surprisingly positive outlook from Viktor. Bethany continues to adopt all the newest technology, and there doesn’t seem to be much benefit to having a phone installed in her body. Edith’s return is showcasing the more liberal side of the family, and now the future is getting even darker with Vivienne’s election following her technology-dampening “blink” stunt. Seeing the repercussions of a much more domestic antiestablishment regime should be both intriguing and frightening.

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