Monday, July 15, 2019

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 15 “Chapter Ninety-Six” (B+)

There are just three episodes to go, and it makes sense that we’re seeing some plotlines coming to a neater finish while others are just revving up to provide some juicy excitement for the last hurrah. Jane finally getting inspiration to finish her novel was exciting, and it’s nice that she managed to find some sort of representation by the end of the episode after many rejections. Mateo reading the first few words was a wonderful moment, and it’s refreshing to see some serious successes for these characters who have gone through a lot recently. Jane also stood up for herself in a great way with Petra, who continually disregarded her request for her not to tell the girls everything she said, and it was fun to watch the girls get into helping Jane sneak her manuscript in after nicknaming her Lame Jane. Petra was very eager to pull the plug on her mother, as evidenced by her humorous emoji text, and that woman really just won’t die, which is irritating. Rogelio’s plan to sneak in the reedited footage was indeed absurd, and it was sweet to see him realize that maybe he is better off being a supporting player so that he takes center stage in his own life. I was proud of Rafael for realizing that Luisa asking for something meant that he should go right to the police with it, but unfortunately that was just a ploy to get him to open the safe. Seeing multiple women with Rose’s face at the end of the episode was tremendously worrisome, and let’s just hope that all of the characters we like don’t end up suffering too much as a result of this diabolical plan.

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