Saturday, July 13, 2019

What I’m Watching: Euphoria

Euphoria: Season 1, Episode 4 “Shook One Pt. II” (B)

This episode was all about metaphorical meaning with a revolving door of romances and sexual encounters at the carnival as the characters were literally going up and down on rides. Opening with a brief history of Jules that acknowledged her gender transition as an almost insignificant moment in her life helped to explain how she tries to fit into the world, embraced by many even if she lacks the same internal self-confidence she displays outwardly. She and Rue didn’t take much time to get back to normal, but then she had to grapple with recognizing Cal as the man she met in the motel before Nate revealed himself and his horrific plan to exercise control over Jules with his child pornography blackmail. He really is a menace, leaving marks on Maddy’s neck after she made a scene in front of his family and everyone. The feeling of rejection has tremendous power to cause people to do regrettable things, illustrated most clearly by Cassie’s ride on the carousel that gave her a lot of pleasure until she realized everyone was watching. Kat had a more productive revenge session that left her feeling victorious, even if she totally misinterpreted what she saw and shouldn’t have actually done it. Rue’s breakfast with Ali wasn’t quite as therapeutic as she was likely hoping, but saving her sister from a similar fate demonstrates that she has the right priorities at the moment. This show was just renewed for a second season, a welcome and expected development that should give it the appropriate time to grow and mature along with its characters.

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