Friday, July 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces (Penultimate Episode)

Life in Pieces: Season 4, Episode 12 “Cabana Hero Action Son” (C)

This second-to-last installment doesn’t exactly make a great case for this show continuing, which I guess makes sense given that it’s ending. The introduction of Grandpa Mort so recently as a crucial member of the family was illogical since the entire Short clan minus John’s mysteriously alive parents spend all of their time together, and for him not to be around until now just didn’t track. Now that he’s a character, he’s going to be involved, and as a result they took this big trip to the Bahamas, which ended with a major revelation that, just as unbelievably, John has multiple adult siblings he had no idea existed. Richard Kind was a logical choice to play the guy who Tim saved from choking and then refused to acknowledge it because he wasn’t supposed to be gambling, and for him to turn out to be John’s brother felt a bit obvious and also far-fetched. Matt and Colleen would spend their entire vacation glued to the machine that they thought was giving them good luck, and naturally that would be the only way that Joan and Jen could actually bond after Jen got roped into a multi-hour art class with her mother-in-law. Greg’s lifelong competition with his brother never really strikes me as particularly funny, and that whole segment was really more about Jen getting to make cracks about how little he cared about her or being romantic when some sibling rivalry was at the forefront of his mind. This show has great actors in its cast, and I wish they all got more consistently better material.

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