Sunday, July 7, 2019

Take Three: Euphoria

Euphoria: Season 1, Episode 3 “Made You Look” (B)

This show continues to be very high-energy and easily distracted, and I’m still intrigued. The opening introduction to a young Kat drinking seventy-two virgin Piña Coladas while on vacation and returning home overweight to a judgmental society was enormously effective in explaining who she is as a person. Finding out that she was an enormously popular pornography author who walked through real life anonymously was interesting, and now she’s gotten into a whole new world that’s going to be prove to be extremely profitable. It’s spilling over into her public persona, and people are starting to notice her in a way that’s going to give her a very different reputation that she may not eventually like. Maddy wasn’t happy to find the photos on Nate’s phone that he sent to Jules, and while her fate won’t be nearly as vicious as Rue had expressed it could be, their inevitable meeting will surely be a negative experience overall. After Rue playfully explained the difference between horrifying, terrifying, and acceptable photographs of a nature I won’t explain on this blog, things got much more serious when she tried to kiss her best friend and didn’t receive a positive response. Her visit to Fezco went poorly too, and the only bright side is that she decided to turn to someone who may actually be able to help – her future sponsor, played by Colman Domingo from “First Match” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” He’s always strong in all of his roles, and I’m looking forward to hearing what Ali has to say to her.

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