Sunday, July 7, 2019

What I’m Watching: Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies: Season 2, Episode 4 “She Knows” (B+)

As Mary Louise has been developing into a more complex character, I’ve developed some sympathy towards her and the way that she is grappling with the notion of her son being a violent and abusive person. Yet this episode made it clear that she has no interest in appreciating that version of events and is instead set on getting her way and asserting her authority over those she believes to be less capable. There is cause for concern when it comes to Celeste and her continued blacking out, but Mary Louise has been gunning for her all along. Denis O’Hare’s divorce lawyer or whatever he is cautioned her that ensuring that Celeste couldn’t use any of the lawyers that she called wouldn’t make people like her, and that doesn’t bother her one bit. Mary Louise asking Celeste if slapping her was what she called foreplay was especially cruel. Jane showing up to angrily question whether Mary Louise was going to try to take Ziggy too was a formidable moment, and I have a feeling that may be coming down the road even though it would be totally out of line, a frightening follow-up to her renting a unit in Jane’s building. Madeline isn’t doing a great job of getting back on good terms with Ed, who is standing his ground and refusing to be told how he has to act. Renata was pretty angry to find him and Nathan starting to fight at Amabella’s party, one of the more humorous elements of an hour that also included her refusing to elaborate the non-covered medical procedure that cost her a few thousand dollars. Bonnie’s mother ending up in the hospital felt rather unrelated to the present events, but there’s an ominous undertone to all of it that makes it seem like there’s more there.

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