Friday, July 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies: Season 2, Episode 5 “Kill Me” (B+)

This show is all about the parents, and it’s a good to see the kids get a say in things every once in a while. After Celeste’s sons stepped in to defend Ziggy when a bully picked on him, them all getting suspended was hardly an instance of fairness. Celeste has snapped at her sons before, as Perry surely did also, and it was reassuring to hear them express a desire to stay with her and even to lie for her about how they felt about their grandmother if she thought it would help keep them together. Mary Louise didn’t have to do much for an offer to be put forward to Celeste for joint custody, and even if her prospects are looking poor, Celeste’s lawyer isn’t doing too much to help. Having Renata talk to Mary Louise was a mistake since she quickly took down Renata, who was distracted for most of the episode by the fact that she was dropped from the women in power section because of her bankruptcy. Mary Louise knew exactly what to say when she ran into Madeline to set her off by mentioning Abigail’s college prospects, and perhaps Madeline should take a cue from her husband and just accept that some people should be okay not liking each other. Tori hitting on Ed is a worrisome sign since that will only bring new problems, and Bonnie seeing Corey coming out of the police station is another very troublesome occurrence which only spells further complications for the Monterey Five.

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