Saturday, July 6, 2019

What I’m Watching: iZombie

IZombie: Season 5, Episode 9 “The Fresh Princess” (B+)

Eating the brain of a pageant queen gave Liv much more than just an obnoxious obsession with 90s notions, including her very incorrect usage of the word “ironic,” and her optimistic attitude was helpful in a number of instances throughout the episode. The murder was hardly the center of this episode that featured so many different plotlines playing out at once, though she did come in handy there when she encouraged the mother to feel comfortable letting go and confessing that one mistake she made years ago which produced fatal consequences. Martin also took note of her peppy attitude and idealism to emphasize that, when sides had to be chosen, she should be on his. Peyton and Ravi had plenty of fun together, and now they’re going to have to deal with more than just Peyton being jobless as they discovered the truth we all knew that Beanpole Bob was none other than Martin himself. Eva was definitely not happy to see him, and let’s hope that Evan makes it safely to a different kind of cure in Boston. Major was sharp to catch on to the fact that Sloan had been kidnapped even though she was continuing to post on Instagram on a regular basis, though Don-E and his new girlfriend’s intervention didn’t prove to be nearly as helpful as they hoped it would be. Sloan and her boyfriend got out of the porter pottys at the pie-esta, and Major shooting Sloan in the head is going to cause just as many problems for Seattle as this brief zombie rampage.

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