Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Emmy Nominees: Best Writing for a Comedy Series

My predictions: 1/7

The nominees: ronny/lily (Barry), Episode 1 (Fleabag), Janet(s) (The Good Place), Anna Ishii-Peters (Pen15), Nothing in This World is Easy (Russian Doll), A Warm Body (Russian Doll), Veep (Veep)

It seems I accidentally only predicted four nominees here, though I’d like to think that I would have included the series finale of Veep along with the one puzzlingly nominated episode of Barry. I’m thrilled that The Good Place merited a mention here for a clever installment, though it’s a shame that actress and nominations announcer D’Arcy Carden didn’t get credit for that too. I guess I have to start watching Russian Doll, which earned bids for its pilot, which I saw, and its third episode, which I didn’t. I’m utterly shocked that Pen15 made the cut after having seen the first episode, but I’m happy that Maya Erskine, the standout star of the Tribeca film “Plus One,” is an Emmy nominee, so hopefully I’ll like that episode better than the first. And Fleabag, which I really have to catch up on, earned a nomination here along with a whole bunch of other bids.

What should win? I need to watch a few of these hours, but I’m all for “The Good Place” right now.
What will win? I think it will be the pilot of Russian Doll.

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