Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 5, Episode 10 “Night and the Zombie City” (B+)

Now this was an involved episode that fully embraced the mood and nature of the detective brain that Liv was eating. Turning it into a noir was cool, and it worked both for the serious investigative moments and for the humor it involved. Clive insisting that he closes all his cases by the book was one such funny scene, representing his frustration overtaking his amusement with the situation. Liv almost had Blaine against a wall and actually headed to prison, but instead he blamed the whole thing on Crybaby so that he can once again get off without any consequences. Martin was very forthcoming with both Liv and Ravi when confronted about being Beanpole Bob, but they ultimately saw through him and realized that he had far more nefarious aims. Now that the vote has been held, General Mills calling Dolly is a disturbing development, one that’s going to pit them against Martin’s controllable army with all the innocent zombies and humans caught in the middle. In happier news, it was fun to see Peyton let loose and do some karaoke before starting a bar fight, and it was sweet to see Don-E make up for his misstep with a lovely proposal to the girl whose last name he didn’t even know. Darcy, like this show, doesn’t have much time left, and it’s good to see some characters headed for a potentially happy ending. Let’s see if the same is true for everyone with just three hours to go before this show signs off for good.

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