Saturday, July 20, 2019

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 3, Episode 3 “Gaps and Bunches” (B+)

Co-parenting definitely isn’t easy, and in this case the fallout seems to be influencing Robert most after Frances stormed in to an already relatively tense situation to chew Jackie out for daring to suggest to Tom that he didn’t need to go to college because she didn’t and still makes a ton of money. Jackie held her own in that moment, and Robert’s going to regret that he didn’t stand up for his new wife during that encounter. Frances somehow didn’t manage to get in trouble for going at Tom without Robert when they had agreed not to, and she was also able to find the petri dish and win a bet with her new boyfriend. Cathy showing up again was unpleasant for all, and even Jackie grew tired of her after initially loving her stories. It seemed obvious from the start that Robert would eventually give in and just offer her money to cover a lot of their father’s expenses, if only just to get rid of her. Larry does seem quite detached from reality, constantly listening to his headphones and not to his cruel wife, and Robert seems to have gleaned a lot from his comment about the silence speaking volumes. Diane catching Taylor shoplifting turned into something very unexpected, resulting in her eagerly advocating for someone else and lecturing her grandfather, played by Harris Yulin from “24,” was an entertaining opportunity for her to find an outlet for her pent-up frustration that she’s really not so good at hiding.

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