Friday, July 19, 2019

Take Three: The Loudest Voice

The Loudest Voice: Season 1, Episode 3 “2008” (B+)

This show works on a number of levels, but it’s at its most resounding when Roger is seen watching a formative moment on television, reminiscent of the picture painted of our current president in office hearing about what’s going on in the world through Fox News. He seemed nearly as devastated seeing Obama victorious as he was seeing the second tower hit on September 11th, and he was ready to go to war on this front too. The eagerness with which he commanded that Obama be referred to by his full name, like either Martin Luther King or John Wayne Gacy, demonstrated just how little he thinks of the man, and getting frozen out of Rupert’s meeting with Obama after the “terrorist fist jab” incident indicated how out of control he’s getting. It’s interesting to see his wife take an interest in standing against the expression of liberal bias by employees of her local newspaper, and getting the pet project of owning it should allow her to feel some sort of satisfaction and purpose with Roger constantly at the office. This “multi-faceted man” doesn’t bother keeping his anger in check at any point, and he’s at his calmest when he’s indulging in his predatory video recording with that tiny little camcorder and demeaning Laurie. Having his son hoist the flag each day was yet another way of championing his patriotism, and the way that his speech in his hometown about making America great again went over is a foreboding indicator of what’s brewing in conservative circles at this moment in recent history.

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