Friday, July 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces (Series Finale)

Life in Pieces: Season 4, Episode 13 “Reverse Burden District Germany”

Well, this is it. It took nearly a year for this show to return after being renewed for its fourth season, and the fact that it lasted this long without earning much buzz or any accolades is a mystery. When one episode only weaves together threads into a semi-coherent narrative, you can only expect so much closure, which this episode tried to provide with its mix of major life decisions and momentous announcements. It’s baffling that Tim would be so concerned that another doctor had no idea what he was doing when the man who argued that handwashing before surgery was just for show, though I suppose that Oscar Nunez, from “The Office” and “People of Earth,” played his part well as the hapless doctor who couldn’t believe how badly someone had botched the vasectomy. Heather’s willingness to have more kids when Tim brought it up once seemed quite generous, and Tim telling the family about their plan to try was indeed highly speculative, as Jen noted. Joan being taken advantage of as a babysitter was bound to happen, and John’s complete lack of awareness was a bit much to believe, even if that’s usually how his character is portrayed. Not being so willing to sell the house to Greg and Jen after they got caught lying to the principal, on the other hand, felt just like him, and this show wanted to give its other couple something big to celebrate too. Colleen’s Germany-themed party for Matt was unsubtle, but I guess this random job that Matt somehow thinks is right to take even though his new employers communicate only in a language he can’t understand may well be the break of a lifetime. This show has been decently enjoyable if just as unfulfilling since it premiered, and I look forward to seeing these actors on new shows in the near future that will hopefully give them better showcases for their talents.

Series finale: C+
Series grade: B-
Season MVP: Betsy Brandt as Heather
Season grade: C+
Series MVP: Zoe Lister-Jones as Jen
Best Season: Season 2
Best Episode: “Musical Motel Property Bingo

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