Sunday, July 21, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Detour

The Detour: Season 4, Episode 5 “The Year” (B+)

This was a fun episode, one that took a worthwhile break from all the antics of Nate, Robin, and her criminal sister to look back at the year that Delilah’s had while they’ve spend so much time and energy looking for her. While it sometimes seems that Delilah is the brightest member of the family, especially compared to her brother who didn’t know whether the long version or the short version would be faster, it’s also evident that she doesn’t know a lot and is just as ill-equipped for the world as he is. Pretending to be grown up by drinking coffee that she can’t stand was the least severe of her missteps. She reminded me a lot of Nate in this episode as she managed to get hit in the head multiple times by a ball, even when she was inside, and didn’t go over particularly well with any of the social clubs on campus. She came in strong with the acapella puns before demonstrating that she had no ability to match pitch, and her high heels and orthodontic privilege really offended the “oh my science” trio that quickly cast her out too. Spending thousands of dollars on haircuts and nonalcoholic champagne carried by monkeys was a low point, as was peeing herself in front of a huge Christian crowd. Even her grandfather wasn’t impressed with her, and she freaked out a lot when the milk started spilling all over her. This was an odd half-hour, but one that demonstrates that this show still does know how to follow its crazy storylines every once in a while.

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