Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Round Two: Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob: Season 1, Episode 2 “Everything Is Cool” (B+)

Things intensified quickly in this second hour, which felt just as engaging and worthwhile as the first. I’m glad that we aren’t seeing too many flashes to the present since this story is interesting enough in its own without having to keep us guessing about how we get to a certain point. Framing Andy as the main character is effective since he’s someone who traffics in this world of conflicts of interest and suspects all the time, and the growing sense of dread he felt as first Dan Rifkin and then Lynn told him he was being taken off the case fueled this episode. Finding out that Neal, who already despises him, would be prosecuting the case was a particularly crippling blow, though presumably he’ll end up hiring Cherry Jones’ Joanna Klein, who we can presume has her own reputation of being tough. Andy getting rid of the knife is an unfortunate development, one that will surely make him look like he covered for Jacob down the road, and Jacob claiming that he did find the body and just didn’t tell anyone may not be his best defense even if it’s true. Jacob having to spend the night in jail before getting the bail his father foolishly promised him they’d get in the morning is unnerving, and their lives aren’t likely to ever go back to normal, whether he’s guilty or not. We are seeing another person framed as the primary suspect, whose damning deleted photos that were likely backed up might just be the only thing that ends up exonerating Jacob.

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