Saturday, April 4, 2020

Take Three: Unorthodox (Penultimate Episode)

Unorthodox: Season 1, Episode 3 “Part 3” (B+)

This hour showed us what was likely the main reason that Esty realized that she had to leave while simultaneously exploring her even deeper immersion into a life completely different from the one she’s always known. It was surprising to see the focus on the couple’s inability to successfully have sex, and kudos to this show for naming vaginismus and demonstrating what many women have to go through when society expects them to be able to have sex without any issue. Early on in the episode, I still thought that Yanky was one of the only palatable elements of Esty’s insular experience, and even that his actions with the prostitute/dancer were meant as research to how he could be a more attentive husband to his wife rather than something lustful. But when we saw Esty push through the extreme pain and how his response was simply to acknowledge his own pleasure, it was clear that he was just as clueless and unconcerned with her happiness as the other oppressive elements who caused Esty to feel so trapped. It’s disturbing to see how Moische operates, flagrantly disregarding religious law and basic decency, and it was almost more alarming to see him opt to take pictures of her dancing with another man rather than confronting her since he likely plans to weaponize it so that Yanky will be the one to drag his own wife home. I hope that Esty’s new friends and her mother can help ensure that she is able to give a freer experience a try, even if some of the infectious behavior, like the passionate dancing and a different kind of sex, is merely temporary as she continues to discover herself.

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