Monday, April 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: Brockmire

Brockmire: Season 4, Episode 4 “Comeback Player of the Year” (B+)

Jules is back, and though she’s considerably more cocaine-dependent and crazed than usual, she knows exactly how to accomplish her goals. That was evidenced most not in her rehabilitation of baseball as something popular but in her stealing of the cake towards the end of the episode to facilitate the HR representative’s exit from her office. But her plan to con all of the baseball team owners into selling their teams was brilliant, and Chief Whitehorse announcing the renaming of the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Colonizers was just the tip of the iceberg. Though we only experienced it in quick flashback bursts, it was great to see Brockmire go full Brockmire for the first time in a while, detailing the extent of deplorable and illegal activities practiced by the owners before literally urinating on one of the owners to drive home his point. At first, I thought that the owner meeting was a bit excessive – which it inarguably was – but putting it all in the context of a not-so-unimaginable distant future made perfect sense. I love that Limone is such a source of intellectual aggravation for everyone, and that Jules got called out for choosing to wear a baseball cap while storming off to declare her love for Brockmire that Limone had helped her to realize had once again returned. Things could have been simple, but never on this show, which made Lucy opening the door to recognize what was happening and reveal that she had just had casual sex with her ex-husband all the more fantastic, even if it doesn’t mean great things for the future of the romance that’s almost as central to this show as baseball is.

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